• Hello Gorgeous!

    I Support Women of Color to integrate all of who they are so they can reclaim their vibrancy and feel confident in their own skin.

    My Clients Often...

    • Tote around a mini bottle of hot sauce in their purse
    • Are taking a sabbatical from the news
    • Want to reclaim their roots but don't really fit in anywhere
    • Carry family, racial & cultural trauma and unhealed grief 
    • Are aware of the role oppressive systems and influences have in devaluing them and eroding their sense of wellbeing and worth    
    • Feel unsafe in their own body 
    • Are weighed down by family expectations and from giving so much in relationships 
    • Support others really well but have trouble speaking up for themselves  
    • Walk down the cosmetics aisle and don't see anything matching their hue or hair type
    • Have plateaued in traditional talk-therapy sessions  
    • Intuit that they need a body-based approach to heal


    Photo Artist: Neelan Sundaran


    • Know and feel your worth 
    • Be seen, valued, and empowered 
    • Discover who you really are and what you want apart from what family or society tells you  
    • Explore new and more liberating ways of showing up in the world 
    • Trust yourself so you can make better choices
    • Advocate for yourself and let go of what does not work for you anymore 
    • Experience a sense of belonging and fulfillment in your life  
    • Feel safe in and reclaim your body
    • Stop the burnout-cycle and develop healthy relationships 
    • Feel gorgeous and self-confident
    • Uncover your sensual self and experience more pleasure in your life 


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