• Hello Gorgeous!


    I help womxn of color integrate their identities

    so they can feel confident in their own skin


    • Tote around a mini bottle of hot sauce in your purse
    • Are taking a sabbatical from the news 
    • Want to reclaim your roots but don't really fit in anywhere
    • Carry racial & cultural trauma and unhealed grief  
    • Feel unsafe in your own body 
    • Are exhausted from giving so much in relationships 
    • Are great at supporting others but have trouble speaking up for yourself 
    • Walk down the cosmetics aisle and don't see anything matching your hue or hair type
    • Feel that you have plateaued in your talk-therapy sessions  
    • Intuit that you need a body-based approach to heal

    ​I Can Help You:

    • Integrate your complete and true identity 
    • Heal racial & cultural trauma and unresolved grief 
    • Experience a sense of belonging 
    • Feel safe in and reclaim your body
    • Stop the burnout-cycle and develop healthy relationships 
    • Feel gorgeous and self-confident
    • Discover your sensual self and experience pleasure in your life 

    Curious? Write me a message with your inquiry.

    Let us set up a 10-15 minute Phone Consultation:

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    When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color
    When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color
    This book is offer a 5-step body-centered approach to begin facilitating conversations across racial lines in the session room.
    Coming soon
  • About Me

    Meet Zeshan

    Zeshan Mustafa, JD, RYT, CCEP

    Zeshan is a Somatic Practitioner who loves supporting people who want to make a difference in this world through anti-racism, activism, and social justice advocacy. She knows this work can take an emotional toll on a person and she wants to guide and support do-gooders.


    Furthermore, Zeshan is culturally aware and sensitive. She is a South Asian American Muslim Woman. She has lived experiences of marginalized for her identity. Her passion is supporting Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color and members of other marginalized communities through her education, training, experiences, and gifts...




    Zeshan earned her law degree from The Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. She worked at Civil Rights organizations in Washington DC, before she transitioned into the world of body-oriented healing. She trained and became Certified as a Yoga Teacher from Sky House Yoga in 2013. She studied Somatic Healing at The Core Energetics Institute based in New York and earned her Certification as a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner in 2018.


    Anti-Racism Educator and Facilitator

    Zeshan is also an Anti-Racist Group Facilitator and Mentor for Racial Equity. She has published an ebook for white practitioners and therapists teaching them how to better work with People of Color in their client sessions. The book is called, "When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color." It is available for purchase (per download) on this website.


    What I learned

    In my work with BBIPOC clients in particular, I learned that my clients did not have a safe space to release emotions which include anger, sadness, frustration, and fear. I know as a person living in a brown-skinned body that my life experience is different from that of a person living in a white-skinned body in the United States.


    I discovered that working with a body-based approach was a powerful method to get to the root of of issues and heal and transform them in ways that life coaching and traditional therapy had not.


    Through this work, I learned to let in the love I deserve, and to let go of people and situations that did not meet my new standards of fulfillment.



    JD, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

    BA, English Language and Literature, The University of Maryland, College Park

    Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP)

    Certified Yoga Teacher

    Reiki II Practitioner


  • Individual Support for Womxn of Color

    Individual Sessions (50 mins per session)

    As womxn of color we are beautiful beings with many gifts to share. We also have some common challenges we face. I know and understand these challenges and want to support and help heal my WOC clients.


    We may desire to feel beautiful but get conflicted when we don't see ourselves reflected in the beauty industry. We may not find the makeup that matches our skin tone or find hairstylists who are frustrated with us for having ethnic hair. Underneath these challenges are messages that we don't belong because "white is right." We have also been made to feel unsafe in our own bodies and our environments. We also receive confusing messages about our bodies and what our relationship with our sensuality and sexuality should be.


    We may be inclined to and also socialized to accommodate and give to the point of over giving in our lives. In our attempt to people-please we may have trouble asserting ourselves or knowing what we truly want for ourselves.


    We may carry racial, cultural, and other identity-based trauma which comes with belonging to marginalized groups. What makes it hard is that this trauma is not a one and done, it is often something that we are faced with repeatedly in our lives. It is exhausting and frustrating to constantly be managing the hate and ignorance directed toward us and those who are like us.


    We may also try to find our community only to be told that we aren't Asian enough, Arab enough, Black enough, or American enough.


    I offer a safe and nurturing environment which allows you to open up about sensitive issues in a nonjudgemental setting.


    I am genuine, compassionate, and intuitive. I use creative, spiritual, body-centered techniques.


    I can help you heal and bring together your true sense of self and identity so you can feel more clear and confident in who you really are.



  • What to Expect

    What to Expect in a Somatic (Body-Oriented) Healing Session

    I work a little differently..

    Sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions that open up segments in the body to get the energy flowing. Alot of the work is intuitive and I will use my deep listening skills when working with you. Each session may look different but to give you an idea..


    Some techniques we use but are not limited to:

    • Breathwork: I may ask you to exhale and inhale in a particular way to help shift your state of mind and body. 
    • Movement Exercises: I may ask you to move your physical body and/or use tools to get your energy flowing. 
    • Hands-on Techniques: This may be something different than what you are use to. I may use hands-on techniques to support your work. I will always ask for your permission. 
    • Vocalization: I may ask you to use your voices and sound to help you express yourself more fully. 

    Self-Care Video:

    Here is a Self-Care video to give you an idea of how I work..

    If you are an activist, you may be someone who gives to the point of exhaustion. I have made this video to provide you with a self-care experience to help you learn how to recharge. Click on the video and enjoy.

  • Anti-Racism Training and Supervision

    Support for Healing and Helping Professionals

    Supervision for Helping Professionals

    Creating Anti-Racist Healing Spaces

    I provide Supervision for Healing and Helping Professionals looking for Supervision around how to work with clients from an Anti-racist lens.

    Anti-Racism Trainings

    Creating Anti-Racist Institutions

    I provide workshops, group work and educational trainings for nonprofits, corporation, community groups, and educational Institutions who want real organizational and Institutional change.


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    Zen thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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