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    Do you want MORE out of life?


    Do you feel stuck or that something in your life isn't working?


    Do you need emotional support?


    Are you a personal and spiritual growth junkie who is ready to do deeper work?


    Do your relationships feel loveless, doomed, dissatisfying?


    Are you searching for purpose and meaning in this phase of your life and/or work?


    Are you looking to live life in alignment with who you are instead of what you think the world wants you to be?


    Are you committed to change?


    Are you unapologetically spiritual and ready to evolve?


    We offer powerful mind-body and energywork to uncover and transform what stops you from living your best life.

  • Our Company Offerings

    Are you ready to embark on a hero/heroine's journey?

    Bodywork to the CORE

    We are excited to offer both 1. Workshops: which introduce Core Energetics to groups and bring people together and 2. Individual Sessions for focused deeper one-on-one work.


    Workshops: Invite us to lead a dynamic workshop for your organization, company, or other group. It can be a part of a wellness initiative or another reason to:

    1. Improve overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being
    2. Practice communication skills
    3. Engage more fully with the group and the environment
    4. Connect more effectively with others 
    5. Build trust and community

    Contact us as we can speak about creating a customized experience for your group.


    Individual Sessions: If you have been on the journey of personal growth and are ready for change and transformation you may be a good fit for our individual sessions. For change to occur effectively one must be committed to the process as the work unfolds.


    What does a one-on-one Session Look Like?


    The process is experiential and experimental.


    Come dressed in clothing that is comfortable to move in.


    An important part of the healing is to develop a relationship with your practitioner and be consistent by coming to weekly sessions. We encourage you to find the right practitioner to support you in this process.


    Our sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions. Each session may look different. Some techniques we use but are not limited to:

    • Breathwork 
    • Grounding 
    • Physical Exercises
    • Energywork. This includes charging and discharging to open up energy. And working with clients energy blocks stored within body.
    • Touch/hands-on techniques
    • Emotionally Expressive work including making sounds/vocalizing
    • Spiritual work
    • Other creative interventions
  • Who We Are

    Get ready to dive deep! Our company ("Core Zenetics") combines Core Energetics, a powerful body-based healing modality developed in the early 1970s by Dr. John Pierrakos, and our own blend of healing modalities in our offerings. We intend to work with you closer to move you toward your original most pure and loving state, ,your essence or call it your 'Zen.'


    Our Core Zenetics Body-Based Healing Sessions bring you an opportunity to work with our Chief Zen Officer Zeshan Mustafa, a over a course of time. If you are READY and COMMITTED to change please contact us.




    Chief Zen Officer

    Meet Zeshan Mustafa, CCEP

    Chief Zen Officer,

    Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP),

    Yoga Teacher,

    Personal Growth and Transformation Expert

    My work in Yoga and Reiki led me to further explore the power of the body. After years as a client in talk-therapy I decided to try Core Energetics. I have found that the body-based techniques were effective in identifying and releasing developmental wounding and trauma, stuck emotions, old patterns of thinking and being.


    In my sessions, I invite clients to shed false beliefs and identities so that they can feel the freedom to be their true selves and lead more joyful and fulfilling lives.



    We may be a good fit to work together if..

    My Clients

    The people I work with:

    • Are no strangers to personal growth work.
    • May have plateaued in talk therapy and feel they are ready try something else to overcome stuckness.
    • Have done energywork or are open to it.
    • Have a spiritual practice or are seeking a spiritual connection.
    • May have a cultivated or crave a connection to nature, art, yoga, and/or dance.
    • Have the ego-strength to do this work and are free from addictions
    • Are on the hero/heroine's journey of soul evolution.
    • Are courageous, committed and have a willingness to change and be changed.  


  • What is Core Energetics?

    Core Energetics is a powerful evolutionary personal growth modality. It brings together targeted body techniques and personal spiritual development. Beyond talk therapy, this combination of mind and body work, opens consciousness to suppressed feelings to help you find clarity in a unique and fulfilling way.


    Core is rooted in the belief that our life energy gets held and trapped within places in our physical bodies as a result of negative experiences and beliefs formed in childhood. We use expressive and physical exercises to uncover stuck emotions and patterns so they can finally be felt, explored, and released in a safe environment. As a result, we begin feel more alive. Our life energy is freed up to flow once more. We begin to enjoy more freedom, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

    History: Core Energetics was developed in the 1970s by Dr. John Pierrakos M.D. who had studied under Wilhelm Reich. John founded a body psychotherapy modality known as Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen. Afterward, John met Eva Broch who was a channel for spiritual teachings (the Pathwork lectures). He brought together the spiritual concepts of the Pathwork and combined it with the body psychotherapy techniques of Bioenergetics to create what is known as Core Energetics.

    Image Created by Kathleen Scheg

    A Hero/Heroine's Journey: The 4 Phases of Core Energetics: Our work is about moving toward your Higher Self which is your true essence/love. This is where you will experience joy, pleasure, love, and connection. To get there is a hero's journey as it takes a great willingness and commitment to face your inner demons.

    1. Penetrate the Mask: The first step in the process of healing is to break through the Mask Self. This is the false identity we have taken on as a response to life circumstances. We take on a Power Mask, Love Mask, or Serenity Mask to feel safe, loved, and to operate in our world but can feel a dullness/deadness inside.
    2. Transform the Lower Self: If we are able to break through the Mask we encounter the Lower Self. This is negativity which is buried underneath our awareness. This is the place we all have within ourselves that we often don't show anyone not even ourselves. In our work, we bring this energy out. We explore and examine it instead of keeping in buried underneath in order to begin to heal and transform it. In Core, we create a safe and supportive environment and then use expressive exercises to bring these shadows into the light. 
    3. Center in Higher Self: When we have done our work we can center in our Higher Self more easily. This is the place where we experience joy. We may find ourselves going into our Mask or Lower Selves but it becomes easier to come back to Higher Self having done the work.
    4. Universal Life Plan: At this phase we feel connected not just to ourselves but to the universe. We experience life at deeper levels having done deeper work to transform.


  • Resources

    Our Favorite Finds!

    Through the Gateway

    Through the gateway of feeling your weakness,
    lies your strength.
    Through the gateway of feeling your pain,
    lies your pleasure and joy.
    Through the gateway of feeling your fears,
    lies your security and safety.
    Through the gateway of feeling loneliness,
    lies your capacity to have fulfillment, love, and companionship.
    Through the gateway of feeling your hate,
    lies your capacity to love.
    Through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness,
    lies true and justified hope.
    Through the gateway of accepting the lacks of your childhood,
    lies your fulfillment now.


    Photo Source: Louise Hay

    Zen Artifacts:


    The Core Energetics Institute

    United States Body Psychotherapy Association

    International Pathwork Foundation



    Heal Your Body, Louise Hay

    Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss

    Calling in "The One:" 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of your Life, Katherine Woodward Thomas

    The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra


    The 5 Personality Patterns, Stephen Kessler

    Attached, Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller

    The Undefended Self , Susan Thesenga

    Core Energetics, John C. Pierrakos M.D.

    Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan


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