• Are you Serving From an Empty Cup?



    Somatic Support for

    Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC)



    You may be a

    • Nurturer, Caregiver, Overgiver, or Codependent (and/or)
    • An Anti-Racism Activist or Anti-Racist Healing or Helping Professional

    I am a BIPOC practitioner who understands struggles of co-dependence, being marginalized, living in a racist society, overwhelm, and serving from "an empty cup."


    I provide a body-centered approach that goes beyond just talk-therapy.


    I can work with you so you can:

    • Learn how to take better care of yourself
    • Set and hold strong boundaries
    • Stop the cycle of overgiving
    • Tap into your self-worth and confidence.
    • Support your activism and advocacy so you are not serving "from an empty cup"

    I have not walked in your shoes but I want to:

    • Hear you
    • Validate your struggles
    • Empower you


    How I Help Clients:


    I am genuine, compassionate, and intuitive. I offer a safe and nurturing environment which allows you to open up about sensitive issues.

    I use a unique approach which includes expressive exercises to shift your mind and body.
    I believe that we are a sum total of not only our individual, family, and societal experiences but that we also hold within us generational experiences including the unresolved trauma of our ancestors.
    I use movement, breathing, vocalization, aggression therapy, and more to help clients shed old patterns of thinking and being to a new way of showing up and being so that you are feel more free, empowered, and fulfilled in your life.
    It's your time to love and heal.
    Thank you for visiting my page.

  • Meet Zeshan

    About Me

    Zeshan Mustafa, JD, RYT, CCEP..


    Zeshan is a Somatic Practitioner with a focus on working with clients one-on one to heal their struggles in relationships. Her particular area of expertise is helping clients who struggle with overgiving, co-dependence, and anxious attachment styles.


    She is culturally aware and sensitive. She is an advocate for anti-racist work and facilitates workshops and groups that focus on cross-racial healing. She also trains organizations and practitioners on how to work with people of color and across racial lines.


    Zeshan is a South Asian American Muslim Woman. She has lived experiences of being treated as less-than and even treated like a threat to society for her identity. Her passion is supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and members of other marginalized communities through her education, training, experiences, and gifts. She loves supporting people who want to make a difference in this world through activism and advocacy. She knows this work can take an emotional toll on a person and she wants to guide and support anti-racism advocates.


    Clients in Recovery also have a special place in her heart. She is familiar with 12-Step Programs. She enjoys leading Somatic Self-Care trainings for people in Recovery through organizations. She has also worked with clients in Recovery both in one-on-one settings in her private practice and has also facilitated groups in Residential Treatment Facilities for residents in treatment for Substance Abuse.


    Zeshan is also an Anti-Racist Group Facilitator and Mentor for Racial Equity. She has published an ebook for white practitioners and therapists teaching them how to better work with People of Color in their client sessions. The book is called, "When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color." It is available for purchase (per downloand) on this website.


    Zeshan earned her law degree from The Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. She worked at Civil Rights organizations in Washington DC, before she transitioned into the world of body-oriented healing. She trained and became Certified as a Yoga Teacher from Sky House Yoga in 2013. She studied Somatic Healing at The Core Energetics Institute based in New York and earned her Certification as a Certifed Core Energetics Practitioner in 2018.


    What I learned

    I discovered that working with a body-based approach was a powerful method to get to the root of of issues and heal and transform them in ways that life coaching and traditional therapy had not. I have learned about where I was sabotaging myself and why, I learned to let in the love I deserve, and to let go of people and situations that did not meet my new standards of fulfillment.




    JD, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

    BA, English Language and Literature, The University of Maryland, College Park

    Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP)

    Certified Yoga Teacher

    Reiki II Practitioner



    United States Association of Body Psychotherapy

    Energy Medicine Professional Association

    Core Energetics Alumni Association

    Womens Business Network in Rockville, Maryland

    Holistic Professionals Group in Washington DC


  • Services

    Individual Sessions (50 mins per session)

    I offer a safe and nurturing environment which allows you to open up about sensitive issues in a one-on-one setting. I am genuine, compassionate, and intuitive. I use creative, spiritual, body-centered techniques which help free up stuck emotions and old patterns of thinking and being so you can live your best life.


    Group Sessions

    In our emotional process groups you receive support, get feedback, and learn about yourself and the impact you have on others in realtime.


    Group has the benefits of the body-based work we do in individual sessions but with the added interpersonal component that comes with being in a group.


    It is also be a more cost-effective option if individual sessions are outside of your budget right now.


    If you want to join a group contact me to learn more and/or join the waitlist.


    Group Facilitator for Racial Equity

    Another passion of mine is working toward racial equity. I often speak and write about racial disparities in the United States. I create educational tools and materials. I also lead and facilitate groups to teach white people and person of color how to have conversations about race across racial lines. This is to bring light to exisiting injustices and move toward cross-racial healing.





  • What to Expect

    What to Expect in a Somatic (Body-Oriented) Healing Session

    The process is experiential and experimental..

    Sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions that open up segments in the body to get the energy flowing. Alot of the work is intuitive and I will use my deep listening skills when working with you. Each session may look different but to give you an idea..


    Some techniques we use but are not limited to:

    • Breathwork 
    • Grounding 
    • Physical Exercises which include but aren't limited to: aggression therapy, play therapy, physical stress exercises, and yoga-like postures to open up body segments.
    • Energywork. This includes charging and discharging to open up energy. And working with clients energy blocks stored within body.
    • Touch/hands-on techniques
    • Emotionally Expressive work including making sounds/vocalizing
    • Spiritual work
    • Other creative interventions
  • Self-Care Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Learn how to recharge in this 10 minute video

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    When Helping Is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working With Clients of Color
    When Helping Is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working With Clients of Color
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  • What is Core Energetics?

    A creative evolutionary process of self-discovery and personal transformation


    Core Energetics is a powerful evolutionary personal growth modality. It brings together targeted body techniques and personal spiritual development. Beyond talk therapy, this combination of mind and body work, opens consciousness to suppressed feelings to help you find clarity in a unique and fulfilling way.


    Core is rooted in the belief that our life energy gets held and trapped within places in our physical bodies as a result of negative experiences and beliefs formed in childhood. We use expressive and physical exercises to uncover stuck emotions and patterns so they can finally be felt, explored, and released in a safe environment. As a result, we begin feel more alive. Our life energy is freed up to flow once more. We begin to enjoy more freedom, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.



    Core Energetics was developed in the 1970s by Dr. John Pierrakos M.D. who had studied under Wilhelm Reich. John founded a body psychotherapy modality known as Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen. Afterward, John met Eva Broch who was a channel for spiritual teachings (the Pathwork lectures). He brought together the spiritual concepts of the Pathwork and combined it with the body psychotherapy techniques of Bioenergetics to create what is known as Core Energetics.


  • A Hero's Journey

    Get ready to face your demons. The only way out is through

    Our work is about moving toward your Higher Self which is your true essence/love. This is where you will experience joy, pleasure, love, and connection. To get there is a hero's journey as it takes a great willingness and commitment to face your inner demons. The only way out is through.


    Here is the Core Energetics process according to its creator John Pierrakos, M.D. This is the process we aspire to follow.


    The 4 Phases of Core Energetics

    1. Penetrate the Mask: The first step in the process of healing is to break through the Mask Self. This is the false identity we have taken on as a response to life circumstances. We take on a Power Mask, Love Mask, or Serenity Mask to feel safe, loved, and to operate in our world but can feel a dullness/deadness inside.
    2. Transform the Lower Self: If we are able to break through the Mask we encounter the Lower Self. This is negativity which is buried underneath our awareness. This is the place we all have within ourselves that we often don't show anyone not even ourselves. In our work, we bring this energy out. We explore and examine it instead of keeping in buried underneath in order to begin to heal and transform it. In Core, we create a safe and supportive environment and then use expressive exercises to bring these shadows into the light. 
    3. Center in Higher Self: When we have done our work we can center in our Higher Self more easily. This is the place where we experience joy. We may find ourselves going into our Mask or Lower Selves but it becomes easier to come back to Higher Self having done the work.
    4. Universal Life Plan: At this phase we feel connected not just to ourselves but to the universe. We experience life at deeper levels having done deeper work to transform.
    (Credit for 4 phases concept: Core Energetics, John Pierrakos M.D.)
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