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    New Core Energetics Process Group Starting in Jan 2020:

    Saturdays once a month in Alexandria, VA


    $50/session. Commitment Required.

    Contact Us today for more information!




    It's your time to Love and Heal.


    I offer space for transformation in a safe, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment.


    Are you struggling to move forward in your life as a result of unhealthy relationship patterns and self-destructive behaviors?


    I use a powerful body-oriented therapy to help clients make deep, lasting transformation at the cellular level.


    As a result, my clients increase their self-awareness allowing themselves to experience love, success, and joy.


    They also improve their relationships and develop the clarity and confidence to move boundlessly toward their true desires.

  • Work With Me

    What I Do and Current Offerings

    Group Sessions (2 Hours)

    New Core Energetics Process Group Starting in Jan 2020:

    Saturdays once a month in Alexandria, VA


    $50/session. Commitment Required.

    Contact Us today for more information!


    What makes Core Energetics groups different?


    Group is a social microcosm. You get the opportunity to welcome and work with conflicts in a safe environment. How you show up in group is how you show up in life and is often rooted in the role you played growing up in your family. Normally conflict is avoided or deflected. Working within a group setting takes transformation to a new level and allows for the opening to rewrite your scripts of how to be within interpersonal relationships.


    In a group, you are able to also receive the understanding and support of others that you may not have and receive perspectives you may not have seen on your own. There is something powerful that happens when a group of people get together with intention and open hearts.


    You get to be brave. You get the opportunity to opening up to others in a safe environment. If you have trouble sharing with others or have blocked your self-expression a group may be a way to test the waters and begin to trust in your unique expression.


    If you have a group that you would like to introduce Core to or have an interest in forming a group please contact me.


    Group Sessions: pricing will depend on the makeup of the group and the duration of the group.


    Workshops: Get a Feel for the Work I do:


    Next WORKSHOP JAN 2020:

    When Helping is Not Helping: Blindspots When Working with Clients of Color 

    Friday Jan. 17th 2020


    @ the Viva Center in Washington DC



    Introduction to Core Energetics:

    Friday Feb. 15th 2019


    @ the Viva Center in Washington DC


    I lead dynamic workshops for organizations, companies, and other groups. If you are looking to improve your Company Culture, Diversity Training, add to your wellness initiative, or improve the relationships within your professional or support group, these workshops can:


    1. Improve overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being
    2. Practice communication skills
    3. Engage more fully with the group and the environment
    4. Connect more effectively with others 
    5. Build trust and community


    Individual Sessions (50 mins per session)

    Get ready to embark on the hero's journey

    We may be a good fit to work together if You

    • Are no stranger to personal growth work.
    • Have plateaued in talk therapy and feel they are ready try something else to overcome stuckness.
    • Practice yoga and the like and have noticed the emotional benefits and want to go deeper with your personal growth.
    • Have done energywork or are open to it.
    • Have a spiritual practice or are seeking a spiritual connection.
    • Want MORE out of life. Mediocrity is no longer an option.
    • Need emotional support.
    • Are a personal and spiritual growth junkie who is ready to do deeper work?
    • Are in relationships that feel loveless, doomed, dissatisfying, etc.
    • Are searching for purpose and meaning in this phase of your life and/or work
    • Are looking to live life in alignment with who you are instead of what you think the world wants you to be?
    • Are you committed to change.
    • Are you unapologetically spiritual and ready to evolve.
    • May have a cultivated or crave a connection to nature, art, yoga, and/or dance.


  • Meet Zeshan

    About Me and How I got here

    I am..

    I am genuine, compassionate, and intuitive. I bring a creative, spiritual, body-centered approach to my work with clients. I use experiential expressive and physical exercises to raise awareness of the mind-body connection and help clients shed false beliefs and identities. I also enjoy facilitating groups and am touched by the powerful connections and community formed within groups. I love dance, dance as meditation, and the great outdoors.


    How I came to this Work

    Growing up I was a quiet, imaginative, sensitive, and creative child. I always loved writing and psychology, but like so many others I did not go for a career in the field that truly inspired me because it did not seem practical. So after loving every minute of earning my BA degree in studying English Language and Literature, I went to law school. I went after the promise security, stability, power, and prestige that being a lawyer seemed to offer. I thought the seemingly tested and true path would surely work for me. However, after experiencing years of dissatisfaction and overwhelming stress in my chosen career path I entered a bout of depression that made it hard to work, study, and get myself out of bed in the morning. My personal relationships also lacked the the love and reciprocity I desired. I had ignored my body for years, making no time for healthy eating or exercise. I began to really search for help. I was at my low point and had to put achievement and success aside to get the help I needed. I found and studied Yoga which led me to further explore the power of the body. After years as a client in talk-therapy synchronicity led me to a explore a creative modality called Core Energetics that would change my life.


    What I learned

    I discovered that working with the body is a powerful method to get to the root of my issues and heal and transform them. This was the major difference between traditional therapy and life coaching. The work with the body is powerful because it loosens up energetic blocks that get trapped within the musculature as a result of old patterns.


    Another distinction to this type of therapy is that instead of avoiding or pushing down negativity, I was encouraged to run toward it and really face it. In order to move through negativity I had to become aware of it and feel through it in order to get to the other side. This is why positive affirmation did not take work for me in years past.


    As I continued the process, I learned that my burnout was not only a result of stress but a result of deeper seated issues that had taken root years ago. As part of my journey I explored my own limiting beliefs around what was possible for me in life. I grappled with issues of identity, marginalization, self-worth, self-sabotage, experiences of racism, patriarchy and misogyny, and stories that have been passed down to my from my ancestral and cultural heritage.


    One thing I struggled with when undergoing my transformation was that I was met with a lack of cultural understanding and diversity in the healing profession. This was an ugly truth. It was rare when I encountered a therapist who had an understanding of how to begin to work with me when I brought up issues of confusion around my identity and my experiences of racism. My identity was influenced by being a person of color in the United States, growing up as a religious minority. Being the first generation daughter of Indian immigrants I struggled to decide which culture to subscribe to (Eastern? Western) and where I belonged. I had no guide and no roadmap.


    People ask me if this is a spiritual process. A big part of this work for me has been the spiritual component. I had to confront dismantled my old ideas of who "God" was to move forward. I began to trust that the Godverse was not trying to keep the good from me or punish me or limit me in anyway as I had thought. I began to open up to the limitless possibilities that life had to offer.


    I began to unblock my creativity and really tune into who I was as a person, what I wanted out of life and relationships, and what career path and calling was true to who I was. I learned to appreciate my sensitivity, listening skills, creativity, and intuition as gifts instead of ignoring them.


    Today I am a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner leading sessions and educating others about this powerful process so that they can benefit from the same healing I received. My mission is to light way for otherss. Ta-Da!


    Core Zenetics is born

    I am Chief Zen Officer and founder of my company Core Zenetics.

    The name is a blend of "Core Energetics" the modality in which I am trained in

    + the word "Zen" which is a play with the first initial of my name "Zeshan." I pray that "Zen" is the feeling you will experience when you integrate your mind-body-emotions-and spirit.





    JD, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

    BA, English Language and Literature, The University of Maryland, College Park

    Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP)

    Certified Yoga Teacher

    Reiki II Practitioner



    United States Association of Body Psycotherapy

    Energy Medicine Professional Association

    Core Energetics Alumni Association

    Womens Business Network in Rockville, Maryland

    Holistic Professionals Group in Washington DC






  • What to Expect

    What to Expect in a Core Energetics Session

    What is helpful to know about a Session?

    Come prepared with an open mind

    I am honored to work with you and support you on your path of loving and healing!


    As a client you need to show up and be ready to work. I won't work harder than you in our sessions. My role is to provide you with support in our sessions and challenge you to discover what is underneath.


    Please mark you calendar when setting an appointment with me as I do not send reminders. Also, be clear on my cancellation policy as I set aside the time to be there for you in our sessions.


    Cancellation Policy

    I require that you provide at least three days notice ( or Seventy-two hours) notice if you need to miss an appointment. If less than 72 hours notice is given, payment is taken for the missed appointment.


    Expectations on the Day of your Session

    Please arrive on time for your appointment. Time is charged from your appointment time not from the time your session begins.

    Come dressed in clothing that is comfortable to move in.


    Pricing and Payment:

    Payment is invoiced and taken at the time of booking your appointment.


    Individual Sessions: (sessions are not transferable to another person)

    One Session (50 minutes) $110-150 sliding scale per session


    Group Sessions: (2 hours): $50/per session. Commitment to the group is required in order to create a space for process.

    What Can a Session Look Like?

    The process is experiential and experimental

    Sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions that open up segments in the body to get the energy flowing. Alot of the work is intuitive and I will use my deep listening skills when working with you. Each session may look different but to give you an idea..Some techniques we use but are not limited to:

    • Breathwork 
    • Grounding 
    • Physical Exercises which include but aren't limited to: aggression therapy, play therapy, physical stress exercises, and yoga-like postures to open up body segments.
    • Energywork. This includes charging and discharging to open up energy. And working with clients energy blocks stored within body.
    • Touch/hands-on techniques
    • Emotionally Expressive work including making sounds/vocalizing
    • Spiritual work
    • Other creative interventions
  • What is Core Energetics?

    A creative evolutionary process of self-discovery and personal transformation



    Core Energetics was developed in the 1970s by Dr. John Pierrakos M.D. who had studied under Wilhelm Reich. John founded a body psychotherapy modality known as Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen. Afterward, John met Eva Broch who was a channel for spiritual teachings (the Pathwork lectures). He brought together the spiritual concepts of the Pathwork and combined it with the body psychotherapy techniques of Bioenergetics to create what is known as Core Energetics.



    Core Energetics is a powerful evolutionary personal growth modality. It brings together targeted body techniques and personal spiritual development. Beyond talk therapy, this combination of mind and body work, opens consciousness to suppressed feelings to help you find clarity in a unique and fulfilling way.


    Core is rooted in the belief that our life energy gets held and trapped within places in our physical bodies as a result of negative experiences and beliefs formed in childhood. We use expressive and physical exercises to uncover stuck emotions and patterns so they can finally be felt, explored, and released in a safe environment. As a result, we begin feel more alive. Our life energy is freed up to flow once more. We begin to enjoy more freedom, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.


  • A Hero's Journey

    Get ready to face your demons. The only way out is through

    Our work is about moving toward your Higher Self which is your true essence/love. This is where you will experience joy, pleasure, love, and connection. To get there is a hero's journey as it takes a great willingness and commitment to face your inner demons. The only way out is through.


    Here is the Core Energetics process according to its creator John Pierrakos, M.D. This is the process we aspire to follow.


    The 4 Phases of Core Energetics

    1. Penetrate the Mask: The first step in the process of healing is to break through the Mask Self. This is the false identity we have taken on as a response to life circumstances. We take on a Power Mask, Love Mask, or Serenity Mask to feel safe, loved, and to operate in our world but can feel a dullness/deadness inside.
    2. Transform the Lower Self: If we are able to break through the Mask we encounter the Lower Self. This is negativity which is buried underneath our awareness. This is the place we all have within ourselves that we often don't show anyone not even ourselves. In our work, we bring this energy out. We explore and examine it instead of keeping in buried underneath in order to begin to heal and transform it. In Core, we create a safe and supportive environment and then use expressive exercises to bring these shadows into the light. 
    3. Center in Higher Self: When we have done our work we can center in our Higher Self more easily. This is the place where we experience joy. We may find ourselves going into our Mask or Lower Selves but it becomes easier to come back to Higher Self having done the work.
    4. Universal Life Plan: At this phase we feel connected not just to ourselves but to the universe. We experience life at deeper levels having done deeper work to transform.
    (Credit: Core Energetics, John Pierrakos M.D.)
  • Curious?

    I offer one-on-one sessions in person in Washington DC and also online sessions. I also facilitate groups and workshops.

    Contact me by filling out the form below.

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