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Coping with Corona/ "Black Pandemic"




The Disproportionate Impact of COVID on People of Color

By: Zeshan Mustafa

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Oppression of black people in this country has created racial disparities that have left their mark and continue to this day. This means black people do not get the same start in life as white counterparts. And racism against people of color still exists in all sectors including employment, housing, criminal justice, and healthcare. These problems carry over and really stand out when you see the data on the cases and deaths from COVID:

"As of Tuesday, black people made up 33 percent of cases in Michigan and 40 percent of deaths, despite being just 14 percent of the state’s population...In Chicago, the data is even graver: Black people represented 68 percent of the city’s fatalities and more than 50 percent of cases but only make up 30 percent of the city’s total population...In the South, the numbers are also grim. In Louisiana, black people accounted for more than 70 percent of deaths in a state population that is about 33 percent black. " (From: Covid is Disproportionately Taking Black Lives)

Right now everyone is talking about COVID. One day the danger of COVID will pass for the wealthy and middle class. Will America remember and still care about poor people and poor people of color who may still be at risk? (From: Covid is Disproportionately Taking Black Lives)

I hope you will. I hope you will remember how scared you were, how unsafe you felt, how hopeless and uncertain you were. And that you will use that to help advocate for those who seek those same opportunities to be healthy, safe, and free.


Covid is Disproportionately Taking Black Lives: by Fabiola Cineas:

What the Racial Data Show: by Ibram X Kendi

Zeshan Mustafa, JD, CCEP, RYT (200) is a Somatic Practitioner of a creative and transformational body-based modality called Core Energetics. Her focus is on intimacy, relationships and cultural competence. She offers individual sessons in Washington, DC and also online. She also facilitate groups and workshops on Core Energetics and Cross-Racial Healing for Mental Health Professionals, Teachers, and Organizations. You may reach her at

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