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Comparing the USA with what is happening in India right now.

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By Zeshan Mustafa

· COVID-19,Coronavirus,Social Distancing,Health,Wellness

This virus is bringing more into the light about our societies including economics, politics, racism, health, religion...

Arundathi Roy's full article in FT talks some about the pandemic in the US right now and then goes on to talk about the situation in India. Yes, there are differences between these two nations but.. if you look closer you will also see similarities in the way our societies are being run.

An interesting perspective and well written if you choose to sit down today and take a couple minutes to read it: The Pandemic is a Portal:

Zeshan Mustafa, JD, CCEP, RYT (200) is a Somatic Practitioner of a creative and transformational body-based modality called Core Energetics. Her focus is on intimacy, relationships and cultural competence. She offers individual sessons in Washington, DC and also online. She also facilitate groups and workshops on Core Energetics and Cross-Racial Healing for Mental Health Professionals, Teachers, and Organizations. You may reach her at

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