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Cozying up to the Dark

Moving with Grief during these times.

Cozying up to the Darkness 

Dear Subscribers,

Just a few more weeks left in December 2020. Many have shared they are happy to see this year go.

Where I am located on the globe, it is getting darker earlier and getting colder. My natural environment is telling my body to cozy up and turn inward. It can be a quiet and reflective time which appeals to my introverted self. Give me a hot chocolate and a book and I am in heaven.
On the other hand, I notice that it becomes easy to become sluggish and stagnated. So I must make sure to include some movement in the colder months and make sure I am not eating too much sugary junk. In recent years I have discovered the practice of Yin Yoga which supports me during this time as well.
Without balance, clients report experiencing sadness, loneliness, and even depression. And in working with my clients in recent weeks and months, I have heard the theme of grief coming up again and again.
There is grief of losing loved ones through illness and death.
There is the grief of not being with friends and family especially as the holiday season approaches for those observing holidays around this time.
There is grief from racial tension and increased awareness of racial violence in recent months.
There is grief from breakups or losing jobs.
There is unexplained grief... Grief that we can feel but don't have a story to help us understand why we are feeling deep pain.
Thing is grief wants to move. But since it is so painful we keep it pushed down. We need to release what often gets trapped inside of our bodies. This is a reason why we work with the body in the Somatic work I offer.
Do not fear your feelings, find support to bring them out so they can transform and no longer hold you down or back. In working through these difficult feelings, you release your energy and can experience more joy and freedom.

Take extra great care of yourselves during these next few weeks. When you feel stagnated or experience difficult emotions, challenge yourself to play a song and just move and breathe in some way to shake things up. Even when you don't feel like it. And especially when you don't feel like it.

Please find below a Mindfulness Tool to help you be with and work with Grief during this time. The tool is available for download and purchase as a PDF document at my online store as well. I would love to hear how it goes for you to work with this tool, so email me back or post on this blog to let me know.

I would love to know how you are moving through this season, if this resonates, and if these practices help.

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