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Floating on - Diwali Festival of Lights

Photo Credit: Eduardo Casajus

My Hindu friends recently celebrated Diwali - the Festival of Lights. I must name that I am not a Hindu and am speaking about the Fesitval of Lights from an outsiders perspective because I am concerned about cultural appropriation.

Yes! I am learning and unlearning everyday.

My family originates from India and are practicing Muslims. And so I do have some but not a full and complete understanding of Hindu traditions because of sharing Indian heritage. Kind of like how my family celebrates Christmas in a way that is not full-on but is influenced by living in the USA. And we usher in the joy we associate with this holiday. There is a sense of celebration in the air and indian desserts are demanded and shared with our Indian neighbors. And to be honest there has been and may continue to be a "that's not our holiday" in the conversation as well. But everyone is up for expecting and eating the sweets bathing in sugary syrups..Hmm..Speaking of which I must go and get some while I still can.

Look at the image of the diyas (little lamps that hold the candle flames) floating in the water.

I hope my messages reaches some of you like one candle lights other candles so you can float off and spread the light.

Blessings to you as you float on,


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