• Get a Taste of How Somatic Work Can Support You! 

    Join us for:

    Body, Earth, & Soul Circle

    Somatic Healing Event for Women of Culture 


    Fri June 4th, 1:00pm (EST)

    w/ Zeshan Mustafa, Somatic Coach 


    Cost: $20.00


    Are you having trouble navigating living between two worlds? Do you want to reclaim your roots but feel you do not quite fit in anywhere?


    Many people feel disconnected from their full identity and alone in their struggle.


    That is why I created this event: Body, Earth, and & Soul Circle: Somatic Healing for Women of Culture.


    This event is for Women of Culture who want to integrate all of who they are so they can reclaim their vibrancy and feel comfortable in their own skin.


    During this event we will do some somatic exercises which may include breathwork, movement, visualization, vocalization etc. and connect and share in community.


    You will walk away with a taste of how somatic (body-centered emotional release work) combined with the power of community can support you in feeling whole and confident in all of who you are.


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