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    I Support Women of Culture to integrate all of who they are so they can reclaim their vibrancy and feel good in their own skin. 

    My Clients Often...

    • Tote around a mini bottle of hot sauce in their purse
    • Are taking a sabbatical from the news
    • Want to reclaim their roots but don't really fit in anywhere
    • Carry family, racial & cultural trauma and unhealed grief 
    • Are aware of the role oppressive systems and influences have in devaluing them and eroding their sense of wellbeing and worth    
    • Feel unsafe in their own body 
    • Are weighed down by family expectations and from giving so much in relationships 
    • Support others really well but have trouble speaking up for themselves  
    • Walk down the cosmetics aisle and don't see anything matching their hue or hair type
    • Have plateaued in traditional talk-therapy sessions  
    • Intuit that they need a body-based approach to heal


    Photo Artist: Neelan Sundaran


    • Know and feel your worth 
    • Be seen, valued, and empowered 
    • Discover who you really are and what you want apart from what family or society tells you  
    • Explore new and more liberating ways of showing up in the world 
    • Trust yourself so you can make better choices
    • Advocate for yourself and let go of what does not work for you anymore 
    • Experience a sense of belonging and fulfillment in your life  
    • Feel safe in and reclaim your body
    • Stop the burnout-cycle and develop healthy relationships 
    • Feel gorgeous and self-confident
    • Uncover your sensual self and experience more pleasure in your life 


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  • About Me

    Meet Zeshan

    Zeshan Mustafa, JD, ACCEP, RYT

    Somatic Practitioner and no stranger to living between two worlds


    My name is Zeshan (She/Her(s)) and I know what it is like to be called “too white” “too fobby” “too American” or be told that I “think I'm black.”


    I am a first-generation, South Asian American “spiritual but not religious” “brown” person who was raised Muslim within an intergenerational household on the East Coast of the United States.

    Photo Artist: Prasanth Dasari

    I understand what it is like to struggle with living in two worlds and to feel like I have to adjust to the environment I am in like a chameleon.


    In my home growing up, my Indian heritage was emphasized and instilled in me. However, as soon as I stepped out of my home into the world, I received messages from mainstream American society that my heritage was something to be ashamed of.


    Over the years, I compromised myself to fit-in. Even in my therapy sessions, I hid my "browness" from my European American and Jewish American therapists. And was afraid to open up to a South Asian therapist for fear that they would judge me for being "too American." But over the years I learned that claiming my multicultural identity was a vital piece missing from my therapeutic sessions.

    I accepted that the healer I was seeking did not seem to exist in one person at that time. So I charted my own course and designed my own healing path. I worked with different mentors, healers, therapists, and somatic practitioners to integrate all of me.


    • I learned new and more liberating ways of showing up
    • I discovered how to be my full self in lots of different environments

    • I shed limiting beliefs through body-oriented emotional process work that was culturally-informed

    I am a sovereign and powerful multi-cultural person living in America. I realized I had lost pieces of me. Through working with my body and asking myself who I really am, I was able to reclaim those lost pieces.


    • I am not a chameleon constantly adjusting to what people want me to be

    • I no longer people-please to fit-in

    • And that has made it possible for me to stop the burn-out cycle

    • Not only that but I have left behind relationships that have zapped my energy and where I was expected to show up as a watered-down version of myself

    • I now have healthier and more fulfilling relationships with friends who accept me for who I am

    My clients today...

    • Also have struggled with navigating living between two (or more worlds)

    • I support my clients to get their energy back and integrate all of who they are

    • So they can reclaim their vibrancy and power and feel comfortable in their own skin

    My values...


    I value creating nurturing relationships that are anti-oppressive, accepting, culturally-integrative, and built on trust.

    Art By: Taelor Pawnell at www.StylishSista.com

    My Fun Facts...

    • On my bucket list I have: to camp the native land of Hopitutskwa (also known as the Grand Canyon), learn to surf, and go on a scuba dive in the coral reef 
    • I love to dance freestyle and take 5Rhythms, Zumba, and bellydance classes 
    • I have a babyface but I am grown and am an old soul

    Education and other Credentials


    JD, The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

    BA, English Language and Literature, The University of Maryland, College Park



    Advanced Somatic-Expressive Practitioner Certification, The Institute of Core Energetics, New York, New York

    Certified Yoga Teacher, Sky House Yoga, Silver Spring MD

    Reiki II Practitioner, Healing Spaces Wellness, Columbia, MD



    When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color


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  • 7 Days of Loving Yourself Up:

    Dear Gorgeous,


    I have created this 7 day Challenge for Women of Color like you who deserve to love up on themselves. Each day this week you will have a simple exercise to help you nourish yourself.




  • Pricing*


    1. Book your free phone consultation (10-15 minutes) to see if it is a good fit: 


    2. Choose a package from below that matches your desires for this work...

    *Please note that I do not accept insurance for services.
    YEMAYA - 6 Month Package Plan

    YEMAYA - 6 Month Package Plan

    Intuition is your guide. Your path and purpose continue to unfold. You want to keep shedding layers to heal yourself and the collective. "Yemaya" is the water goddess of the Yoruba in Nigeria. She is the goddess of the ocean. Your soul craves deeper healing and evolution. For Clients who have embraced a path of fluidity and the expanse of life-long discovery.

    In this package you receive: 24 Sessions (50 minutes each). Must be used within 12 months of first use. *No refunds on packages.
    Coming soon
    AGNI - 3 Month Package Plan

    AGNI - 3 Month Package Plan

    You are feeling fierce and ready to turn up the dial. But who are you when you are not caretaking? "Agni" is a Sanskrit word meaning fire and connotes divinity. You have a stronger sense of yourself and know how to regulate your body. You have learned how to set boundaries without feeling as much guilt or second guessing yourself. You are ready to LIVE and not just exist. For Clients ready to feel their inner fire power and wanting to deepen their experience of knowing themselves. In this package you receive: 12 Sessions (50 minutes each). Must be used within 6 months of first use. *No refunds
    Coming soon
    DEVI Monthly Package

    DEVI Monthly Package

    An over-givers starter package. For Clients ready to embark upon the journey of taking care of and trusting themselves. "Devi" is a Sanskrit word meaning goddess. I choose this as the beginning because of the mother/nurturing energy that can get out of balance for clients who struggle with over giving. You will ground, get in touch with your own body, and learn to navigate through energy work to create balance in your relationships to self and others.

    In this package you receive: 4 Sessions (50 minutes each). Must be used within 2 months of first use. *No refunds on packages.
    Coming soon
    When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color

    When Helping is Not Helping: A Somatic Approach to Working with Clients of Color

    For Practitioners/Therapists/Healers This book is offer a 5-step body-centered approach to begin facilitating conversations across racial lines in the session room.
    Coming soon
  • What to Expect

    What to Expect in my Somatic (Body-Oriented) Healing Sessions...

    What a Session Looks Like...

    • Each session unfolds differently

    • Sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions that open up 

      segments in the body to get the energy flowing

    • Alot of the work is intuitive and I will use my deep listening skills when working with you

    What It Is NOT...

    • Mental Health Care or Crisis Management

    • A quick fix

    • A relationship where I "tell you what to do"

    • Just some stretching and breathing exercises

    What It IS...

    Map Created by Kathleen Sheg, CCEP

    • An investment in your healing and growth

    • A co-creative relationship and a non-linear exploratory process

    • A space where you show up as an active participant and where you learn to trust yourself

    • Spiritual and body-oriented work to facilitate moving through unconscious material that is holding you back

    Some Techniques Used...

    • Breathwork: I may ask you to exhale and inhale in a particular way to help shift your state of mind and body.

    • Movement Exercises: I may ask you to move your physical body and/or use tools to get your energy flowing.

    • Hands-on Techniques: This may be something different than what you are use to. I may use hands-on techniques to support your work. I will always ask for your permission.

    • Vocalization: I may ask you to use your voices and sound to help you express yourself more fully.

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