• What to Expect

    What a Session Looks Like...

    • Each session unfolds differently

    • Sessions include talking/conversation and may include some interventions that open up 

      segments in the body to get the energy flowing

    • Alot of the work is intuitive and I will use my deep listening skills when working with you

    What It Is NOT...

    • Mental Health Care or Crisis Management

    • A quick fix

    • A relationship where I "tell you what to do"

    • Just some stretching and breathing exercises

    What It IS...

    Map Created by Kathleen Sheg, CCEP

    • An investment in your healing and growth

    • A co-creative relationship and a non-linear exploratory process

    • A space where you show up as an active participant and where you learn to trust yourself

    • Spiritual and body-oriented work to facilitate moving through unconscious material that is holding you back

    Some Techniques Used...

    • Breathwork: I may ask you to exhale and inhale in a particular way to help shift your state of mind and body.

    • Movement Exercises: I may ask you to move your physical body and/or use tools to get your energy flowing.

    • Hands-on Techniques: This may be something different than what you are use to. I may use hands-on techniques to support your work. I will always ask for your permission.

    • Vocalization: I may ask you to use your voices and sound to help you express yourself more fully.

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